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USA Hockey

BAHHA players all belong to USA Hockey and BAHHA is USA Hockey sanctioned

Texas Amateur Hockey

Texas Amateur Hockey Association of which BAHHA is a member

Dallas Stars Travel Hockey League

Dallas Stars Travel Hockey League is the league that BAHHA travel hockey teams play in


This page contains schedules, results, rosters, etc for our travel teams. The main Pointstreak website is nation wide and is used by many leagues.

Houston Metropolitan Hockey League

This is the league that the BAHHA non-travel hockey teams play in

Houston Hockey

This is an independently run website that does a good job of trying to capture everything hockey related going on in the Houston area

Intersholastic Hockey League

This is the Houston area High School hockey league that many of our older BAHHA players also play in

The Old Hounds League (OHL)

The Old Hounds League is for adults (some of our hockey parents play in this league). This website also contains information for the Adult Novice League and the Afterburners leagues

Houston Ice Hockey Officials Association

The Houston Ice Hockey Officials Association page contains information related to refereeing in the Houston Area

Dallas Dr Pepper Rink Information

Most of the rinks that our travel teams play in in the Dallas area are sponsored by Dr. Pepper. This site gives information (including directions) for these rinks.