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Contact Us

Contact Us

You can contact Bay Area Houston Hockey Association (BAHHA) by the following means:

1) Send an email to: If your email is intended for one of the other BAHHA Board of Directors or others within BAHHA, it will be promptly forwarded.

2) Our US Postal Service Mailing address is: Bay Area Houston Hockey Association 17300 Bellerive Dr, Houston, TX 77036

3) You can drop off forms, photo CDs, newsletter submissions, etc in our drop-box at Bellarive Ice at 7300 Bellarive Dr, Houston, TX 77036. Our drop-box is a lockable, black mailbox with a BAHHA logo on it and is hanging on the wall once you enter the ice area.

4) See one of the BAHHA Board Members at Bellarive Ice Center on Practice Nights. Many of us have children on multiple teams and from about September through April, one of us typically at the rink on any given day. During the summer, someone is typically there 3 or 4 days per week.

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